The Atlanta Assistant would like to utilize this page to show my sincere appreciation to all of my followers and supporters that help make this journey so enjoyable!! You have interacted with me on Twitter and Facebook, shared my information with your family and friends, and provided me with the quality service and resources that I need to provide Exceptional Quality & Service to my clients, followers, family, fans, & friends.

When I am hitting RT, reading your BLOGS , visiting your Websites, and Chatting with you at LIVE events It is with a genuine desire to support you and your Brand, Business, & Interests. I truly believe that neither of us can truly be successful without each other!!

Here's to hoping that you continue to do what you do to help yourself and others live their Best L.I.F.E. ever... Learning, Inviting, Fulfilling, & Engaging PASSIONS!!

Here's To Living Your Best L.I.F.E.!!

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Our Clients Rave:

“Nikki Brown is an ambitious entrepreneur with a great many skills that will serve her well in her career. Through years of varied experience as a care provider and personal assistant, Nikki has honed her charismatic personality and personal energy to create her own dynamic brand.

Nikki is a quick thinker and a problem solver who, though she is very tech savvy, is also very people focused, an unusual combination of talents. Nikki and I worked together to devise a strategic plan during a time of transition in my company. She met with key individuals in the company and was able to make a quick and insightful analysis of our needs and ways to move the company forward.“

- Judi Merlin, A Friend Of The Family

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