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Personal Assistants/Lifestyle Concierges are lifestyle specialists that assist you with daily business and personal tasks.  Whether you need someone with secretarial experience and a proven track record for loyalty or a organization specialist that great with the dollar and makes a phenomenal quiche.  They are typically available to you on demand when needed and are accustomed to providing 24 hour around the clock service.

There is no specific educational or job track that leads to the role of a Personal Assistant. D.I.V.A.'s have strong work ethics, display self-discipline and prove an ability to multi-task under pressure. They have chameleon like adaptability to environments.  Lifestyle Concierges can live on or off site depending on your needs. 

D.I.V.A.'s have a myriad of skills, expertise, and knowledge.  They are Distinctive Intellectual Vivacious Assistants that know a little about a lot of things or a lot about a specific thing.  One key thing about D.I.V.A.'s is that they understand the essentialness of confidentiality and maintaining a good personal rapport between themselves and their clients and bosses.Whether you have a general need or specific needs such as Organization D.I.V.A., Design D.I.V.A., Entertainment D.I.V.A., or Fashion D.I.V.A., we have packages that can be purchased or customized to your budget and needs .  

Browse around to see how you could win a  "FREE" D.I.V.A. FOR A DAY!!  When you are ready for your very own D.I.V.A., click on the Book A D.I.V.A. tab to Get Your D.I.V.A. now.

Now that you realize having a personal assistant, whether long-term or short-term is a necessity, D.I.V.A. is here to help "Make It All Come Together". 

Looking forward to the opportunity of an ensuing relationship.

Respectfully and with Kindest Regards,

The Atlanta Assistant



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