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A typical D.I.V.A. has done a little bit of everything for all sorts of people and a true D.I.V.A. can support anyone.  However, anyone cannot support a True Celebrity Assistant.  Entertainment Assistants are D.I.V.A.'s that are accustomed to supporting Rappers, Actors, Actresses, Celebrities, Sports Figures, Socialites, and Philanthropists in the Entertainment Arena. 

Entertainment Assistants are accustomed to working all during the day and into the night.  They generally love the nightlife and everything Entertainment.  They can handle the papparazi and the pressure.  Although they are passionate about working for High Profile individuals, it is primarily their drive and ambition that excites the D.I.V.A., not their stardom. 

Entertainment D.I.V.A.s are extremely multifaceted and creative spirits and therefore need to be in environments that are everchanging and require quick thinkers.  Their ideas require the right environment to flourish and that' usually not your corporate 9 to 5.

Whether its your next meeting, trip, video shoot, birthday bash, album release, screening, opening, charity event, or photo shoot, an Entertainment D.I.V.A. is what you want by your side.  They get you what you want, when you want it, and all with a big Smile!  Entertainment Assistants generally have passports and the ability to travel for extended periods of time.

You must be a verifiable Celebrity, Entertainment, or other High Profile figure to book an Entertainment Assistant.  We do accept up and coming Artists, Actors, and Actresses, as well as College Star Athletes and Socialites from well known families.

Please contact our office directly to start the verification process.

We look forward to the opportunity of servicing your needs.

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“The Atlanta Assistants has set the standards for excellence. Owner Nikki Brown is in a league of her own. She is the ultimate D.I.V.A. Her professionalism and attention to detail is unparalleled. Ms Brown provides the highest quality of service to her customers, often going above and beyond the norm. I recommend The Atlanta Assistants without reservation."
- Kym Smith, CEO“

- Kym Smith, CEO, Xtra Pair Of Hands

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