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Business D.I.V.A.'s are Executive Level Personal Assistants that work in both the outside business and home environments.  They typically travel extensively for business and have an extremely professional skill set and diverse background which allows them the opportunity to serve in both the Executive Assistant and Personal Assistant capacity.

Due to the nature of their work, Business D.I.V.A.'s like Personal Assistants require certain perks and tend to have passions for specific industries and genres of business.

Most Business D.I.V.A.'s have specialized degrees, certifications, and professional affiliations that make them an important asset to any Executive or Entreprenuer.  Business D.I.V.A.'s typically have passports and the ability to travel.

They are quick thinkers, fast learners, and have chameleon like adaptability to most any environment.  Just like all other assistants, Business D.I.V.A.'s also assist with the home, family, kids, and pets, in a very specific and structured way or as needed in the absence of the primary housekeeper, nanny, or other responsible party.

Business D.I.V.A.'s typically oversee other staff and liase with other assistants depending on whom they are supporting.  Business D.I.V.A.'s are commonly Entertainment, Fashion, & Travel D.I.V.A.'s catering to a unique clientele with uniqe needs.  They work in Small Businesses, Philanthropic, Entrperenuerial, and Fortune companies as well.

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PayPal Founder, Facebook Financier Raises $250M

Police robots, spaceships, dinosaurs and steamy pictures. No, it isn't the fantasy of a teenage sci-fi nut, it's the portfolio of PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel's venture capital firm, which has just raised another $250 million to invest in early stage companies.

The firm has taken a contrarian investment stance. It has backed wildly divergent companies in a venture capital industry that has become increasingly risk adverse. For example, it invested in RoboteX, a company that makes robots for civilian and police use; SpaceX, a company that launches spaceships; Raptr, a company that helps people find good social games and takes its name from a dinosaur; and Zivity, a company that started out selling subscriptions to pictures of sensually-posed female models.

This is the third fund for Thiel, who has managed to gain access to some of the hottest deals in Silicon Valley, such as Facebook, IronPort and Slide. It's also slightly bigger than the $220 million fund the firm raised in 2007. Thiel manages the fund along with Ken Howery, Luke Nosek and Sean Parker.
The firm has had one or two duds along the way as well. Most notable may be Ashton Kutcher's ill-fated telephone company Ooma, which the Founders Fund backed in 2007, records show.

But it isn't just the Founders Fund's portfolio that sets it apart. The investors also developed a unique way of setting up financing agreements with entrepreneurs.

Their innovation was in response to the long, long time a startup founder must endure having his or her wealth locked into the common stock of the startup. The Founders Fund developed a way of dealing with this by providing early stage entrepreneurs with an opportunity to achieve a measure of early liquidity. The firm created a special class of stock it calls “Series FF. These shares are similar to common stock issued to founders, but have one special right associated with them. The entrepreneur who receives Series FF stock can sell it to the investors at a price equivalent to whatever was paid for the last round of preferred shares.

This provision allows the entrepreneurs to sell their stock at higher prices as the startup grows. It provides a convenient way for the executives to experience some measure of payment before the startup goes public or is bought. It's like offering a swig of water to someone crossing a desert.

This type of entrepreneur-friendly financial innovation helps the Founders Fund find its way into investments it otherwise might not have had access to.

Since the Founders Fund launched, other venture capital firms have consciously attempted to recast their reputations to lure in the best entrepreneurs. Although few firms have adopted the idea of Series FF stock whole cloth, many have demonstrated a willingness to establish credit lines secured by common stock for entrepreneurs who may need money.

Now if other venture capitalists would only adopt the firm's willingness to back wild new startups, we'd soon be commuting to work with jet-packs, uploading our consciousness to the internet and cloning dinosaurs from DNA.

About The Author:

Alexander Haislip
Alexander Haislip is the author of "Essentials of Venture Capital," out this autumn from John Wiley & Sons. Check out his website at
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