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Home Assistants are Personal Assistants for your Home!  They asssist you with errands, grocery shopping, event planning, vacation planning, gift wrapping, business and entrepreneurship, meal planning and preparation, family, friends, pets, & kids.

Home Assistants are not just housekeepers and nannies.  They have the ability and the experience to perform those duties in addition to a myriad of other duties required to maintain a home.  They have honed their craft and earned the right and respect to be considered a Family's Right Hand. 

Although they perform hands on Home Management duties and work extremely well with pets and kids, true home assistants manage the overall household.  They handle the scheduling, appointments, budget, vehicle maintenance, spring cleaning, home organization, date nights, make car pool runs when needed, house and pet sit.

They typically strive in homes of Entrepreneurs, Socialites, Celebrities, and Executives whose homes are managed and ran like businesses.  The homes typically have extremely busy schedules, entertain regularly, have philanthropic interests or ties, and the family and or homeowner (s) enjoys frequent travel.

D.I.V.A.'s utilize their passions and interest to stay up to date on everything domestic. Check out the links below for access to Recipes, Crafts, and other Home Resources.

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