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Organization D.I.V.A.'s are Personal Assistants that get you organized.  Whether its an office, room, business, or entire home, your Organization D.I.V.A. will get it back on track.

Is it me or has the New Year come and gone??  Maybe not literally, but January is almost out of here, so that means time to prepare for some Gardening.  When the sun is shining and the wind is calm, let's get organized for our Spring Planting.

One of our favorite domestic celebrities is Martha Stewart.  Martha Stewart Living and Omnimedia are the providers of our Organizing Tip!

Please click on the link below for tips and a glimpse into Martha's world...

Check out these tips from some our local Professional Organizers:

Beat Clutter...Get Organized...It Will Save Your Life!!
(This information is intended for personal use and is not warrantied or provided by a medical professional)

Are you a Professional Organizer with too many projects??  Well you need a D.I.V.A. too. Organization Assistants can help you with the larger projects and save you time and money.  They like you are experienced organizers that may hold the same credentials or have the same level and time experience, and are knowledgeable enough to assist you while actually understanding how professional organizing works. 

Check out your Professional Organization for Networking Opportunities and Support!

In the words of a D.I.V.A. mom "Work Smarter...Not Harder"

Contact us today to see how we can "Make It All Come Together"

Creating Order, Efficiency, & Wishing You The Best,

The Atlanta Assistant



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Our Clients Rave:

“Nikki Brown is an ambitious entrepreneur with a great many skills that will serve her well in her career. Through years of varied experience as a care provider and personal assistant, Nikki has honed her charismatic personality and personal energy to create her own dynamic brand.

Nikki is a quick thinker and a problem solver who, though she is very tech savvy, is also very people focused, an unusual combination of talents. Nikki and I worked together to devise a strategic plan during a time of transition in my company. She met with key individuals in the company and was able to make a quick and insightful analysis of our needs and ways to move the company forward.“

- Judi Merlin, A Friend Of The Family

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