Nothing is more important than community and D.I.V.A.'s understand that.  Being of and about service is who we are.  Whether we are personally supporting a cause or playing papparazzi to someone else's, we want you to know the things that mean something to us.

Take a look around to see who we caught doing good and giving back. 

This young man (far right), a student at Union Grove High School touched my heart.  During the Christmas Holidays he was out assisting some of his Special Needs schoolmates with their shopping through a program at their school called The Partners Program.  His patience and attention to detail was phenomenal.  Most men loathe shopping naturally, but this young man was definitely focused and genuinely ok with doing what was right despite what others may have been thinking.  It took so much patience, which he had, to ensure that each of his partners purchased the items on their gift list, all within a budget.  I think we all now how challenging that was 2 weeks before the Big Day.

I promised him that his picture would be on my website for all to see!  If you know him, please make sure you give him a big hug and congratulate him.

KUDOS to you from The Atlanta Assistant and D.I.V.A. for being a young man of Respect, Honor, and Commitment!!  Matthew and ??, I hope your family was proud of your efforts too!

Frederick Swanston, an Atlanta based advertising agency, adopted the Moore-Schuler family for their Annual Holiday Philanthropic Deed.  They secured D.I.V.A. to handle the logistics and The Atlanta Assistant had a ball.  Frederick Swanston provided the budget, and over the course of 3 days, The Atlanta Assistant went from store to store to ensure that the Moore-Shuler famiy got everything they wished for and then some...Smile!!

Moore-Shuler Photo Gallery:

KUDOS to Frederick Swanston for securing D.I.V.A. and  "Making It All Come Together for the Moore-Shuler family.  I don't know about you, but I love doing business with those that give back!!

Kindest Regards,

The Atlanta Assistant

Know someone in the community that needs a D.I.V.A. SPOTLIGHT...Let us know so we can share!! Please check back for our everchanging community showcase!




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Our Clients Rave:

“Nikki Brown is an ambitious entrepreneur with a great many skills that will serve her well in her career. Through years of varied experience as a care provider and personal assistant, Nikki has honed her charismatic personality and personal energy to create her own dynamic brand.

Nikki is a quick thinker and a problem solver who, though she is very tech savvy, is also very people focused, an unusual combination of talents. Nikki and I worked together to devise a strategic plan during a time of transition in my company. She met with key individuals in the company and was able to make a quick and insightful analysis of our needs and ways to move the company forward.“

- Judi Merlin, A Friend Of The Family

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