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Hello and Welcome!...Thank you for considering "D.I.V.A."for your Lifestyle Concierge needs.  This day and age more and more people are using a personal concierge to buy back life's most valued commodity..."TIME".  A Personal Lifestyle Concierge works on the very basic of premise.  People "need" or "want" to have things done and just don't have the time to do it.

D.I.V.A.'s are
Distinctive Intellectual Vivacious Assistants with diverse backgrounds, specialties, passions, and interests that allow them to professionally service your needs regardless of your industry.  Founded in 2008 by Nikki Brown, a self proclaimed D.I.V.A..  D.I.V.A. was created to service individuals, entrepreneurs, entertainers, and corporations with Personal Professional needs outside of and or beyond the traditional service professions, such as Housekeepers and Nannies. 

D.I.V.A.'s are intelligent entrepreneurial minded personal business professionals that thrive in growth oriented environments that allow them to utilize their various skills and resourcefulness.

D.I.V.A. Provides Executive Level Lifestyle Concierge Services in home or business environments that include but not limited to, Personal Assistance, Home & Business Management, Travel Companion & Support, and Event Planning.  As Service Professionals, we have worked directly and indirectly with Major Athletes, Entertainers, Entrepreneurs, Executives, Housewives, Socialites, and Philanthropists in various capacities.  Managing their businesses, homes, lifestyles, and nurturing their children.  
Health and Human Services, Domestic Services, Commercial Real Estate, Media and Technology, Education, Construction & Contracting, Entertainment, Sports, Cosmetology, Politics, Travel & Tourism, Hospitality, and Corporate Business, are just a few of the industries that our D.I.V.A.'s have working knowledge and or expertise in.  
We have D.I.V.A.'s with current passport s and clean criminal backgrounds that are willing and available to travel and be accommodating on a short or long term basis depending upon your needs. We will work with current staff when necessary and develop relationships that will assist in the capacity needed for continued Growth and Success.  
To inquire about services, pricing, and availability or to book your own D.I.V.A., please click on the Book Your Diva tab and The Atlanta Assistant will contact you directly.

Whether your search is for linens, baked goods, crafts, supplies, or service, some things we need are right in our own back yard (pun intended)

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