Detail D.I.V.A.

"Don't Sweat The Small Stuff"

Got a Dirty Vehicle??  Dad having a Birthday and you are wondering what to get him??  Just want to do something special for the hubby??

Have No Fear...Detail D.I.V.A. is here.  We will pick up the vehicle and have it serviced according to the package you choose and return it to the destination of your choice.

How about Surprising him while he is at work...Come out for lunch and Voila!!...So Fresh and So Clean.

The D.I.V.A. Wash & Wax Basic:  $75.99

The D.I.V.A. Wash & Wax Deluxe:  149.99

Have a real car aficionado...well thats going to take a full day, so why not throw some drycleaning and gift shopping in there and become the Best Wife, Daughter, Mom, or Friend ever...Just a suggestion.

The Detail D.I.V.A.:  $400 (Vintag Wax Used)

Got a few dents been meaning to get fixed:

The P.D.R. D.I.V.A. will get her done

Rates start at $250 depending on the size and amount of dents.  Estimate provided before service completed.  You reserve the right to refuse estimate amount.  D.I.V.A. booking fee is non-refundable

Work is completed by Atlanta's #1 choice for Automotive and Marine Reconditioning Specialsts.

Don't need a D.I.V.A. to get it done for you then you can contact them directly and mention promo code D.I.V.A. for Distinctive Intense Visual Attention for your vehicle.

Here's to covering the DETAILS!!

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